Local Walks from Agios Gordios

A guide to take with you......


North End - 7km round trip

**Disclaimer** We recommend that all walkers take sensible precautions when exploring our local area. Take a hat, suncream, water and a mobile phone. Sebastian's can not take responsibility for the health and safety of any walker following the walks described on this website. We strongly recommend that you use sturdy shoes when working off-road and let your hotel know your plans. Enjoy and have fun!)

This walk will take you out of the Agios Gordios towards Sinarades and then back down towards the beach for a great walk along its entire length. Around 7kms round trip - don't forget to take your swimsuit!

Walking Directions

Walk into the centre of the village by the bus stop and GB's supermarket and bear left up the hill towards Sinarades (the way your coach/Taxi came in). As you walk, you will pass the Pink Palace Hostel on your right and at the first hairpin bend, about a mile outside the village, turn left onto a roadway/track signposted "Sinarades by foot" and Pelagos apartments.

Follow the track down keeping right and walk for a mile or so through the olive groves. The track begins to narrow and you will come to a point where it divides. You take the path to the left (black/green gates in front of you) and follow the path down past a lovely little church and then along a bit further and down a narrow path that passes 3 houses on the left.

You come out at a beach covered with large stones and boulders. If you turn left and walk 2-3 minutes you will soon reach a deserted sandy beach area. Now is the time to take a refreshing swim! To reach Agios Gordios you just continue walking all the way back along the beach, past the shipwreck and Black Rocks bar until you reach Agios Gordios (this should take in between 45 minutes to 1 hour at the most). This stretch is pretty rocky so we would advise you to wear something sturdier than flip flops!


Pendati - 7km round trip

Steep climb from beach to Pendati village

This route takes you along the beachfront at Agios Gordios, up the headland and around the corner to the small fishing village of Pendati. It is like going back in time, this sleepy village is made up of narrow streets with brightly coloured house and hardly any room for a car to pass by! Its position is spectacular and the views of Agios Gordios Bay and beyond are breath-taking.

Walking Directions

Walk down to Agios Gordios beach and facing the sea turn left and walk all the way until the end. You will pass the rocks sticking out in the sand and the big Agios Gordios Hotel. Once you have reached the very end of the beach you will see a path heading up and around the headland, this is your route. Go careful here because the path is a rocky and steep and depending on the time of year can be slippery.
As you wind your way up the headland you will be able to get a great view of Agios Gordios and the wide sweeping beach before rounding the headland. Once you have got to the headland, this is the major bit of climbing done. Continue along the path, making sure that you avoid any land slides that may have happened during the winter - it's very important that you take care at all times here - return if you see that it is too difficult.

Continue along the track until you reach an unmade road (track) and then continue through the olive groves heading slightly upwards to Pendati. On entering Pendati you will come to a junction of tracks, the one of the right goes down to the old harbour, well worth a visit but it's a bit of a climb back up! At the next junction your route back is to the left, a tarmac road that leads to the Agios Gordios/Katogarouna road. This road winds it way through the olive trees and is a pleasant (mainly) downhill walk until you reach the junction with the main Agios Gordios/Katogarouna road. At this point turn left and head down the valley to Agios Gordios. Before you head home, it really is worth spending some time in Pendati exploring an old Corfiot village. As you will see, not much happens around can get drinks and snacks from the two bars in the village, Angela's Cafe (in the centre) and Chris's Place which is on the road out to Agios Gordios and has the most spectacular views or the west coast of Corfu.


Pendati - 8km round trip

This walk takes you to Pendati village by road only and avoids the walk around the headland and through the olive groves.

Walking Directions

Walk to the main bus stop in Agios Gordios (next to GB's supermarket) and bear right up the hill to Katogarouna. This is a good road and as long as you take it steady not too difficult to walk. It is almost all up hill, so on a hot summer's day could be quite difficult for some people.

Continue on this road out of Agios Gordios and past a couple of villas until you reach a hairpin bend on your right (it should be signposted Chris's Place) take this turning and continue along this smaller road all the way until you reach Pendati.

You return using the same road, but mainly downhill!


Sinarades - 6km round trip

Sinarades village by olive groves, steep climb & road

This walk takes you off and on road to the nearby village of Sinarades. This is one of the biggest villages in Corfu and also one of the oldest. It has a beautiful main church and houses the islands Traditional Folklore Museum.

Walking Directions

Walk in to the centre of the village by the bus stop and GB's supermarket and bear left up the hill towards Sinarades. As you walk, you will pass the Pink Palace Hostel and at the first hairpin bend, about a mile outside the village turn left onto a roadway/track signposted Pelegos apartments.


Garouna viewpoint - 6km round trip

Garouna viewpoint by road

Spectacular views over the whole island and the chance to see where the para-gliders jump from! This walk will take your breath away in more ways than one.

Walking Directions

Walk into the centre of the village by the bus stop and GB's supermarket and bear right up the hill to Kato Garouna/Corfu, in about a mile or so, a road bears off to the right signposted Chris's Place Pendati. Walk past this and continue up the hill, past the cemetery on the left and around the two hairpin bends that take you in to the village. Once you reach a T junction and the only "pub" in the village facing you. The road to the right is a blind alley, your route is to the left. If you haven't got any provisions with you, we recommend that you stock up here, the rest of the walk is completely in the countryside!

Continue bearing left around the bend and you will see a road going up to your right. Cross the road and take the road on the right and just keep going! The road winds its way up-wards and continues straight up to the viewpoint. From the side you have walked up the view is of southern Corfu, northern Corfu, and Corfu Town and beyond to the Greek mainland and Albania. Eventually, the road takes you to the very top and you go through the gap and see the spectacular view of Agios Gordios and the northwestern coastline. If you look behind you, you will see the wind sock the para-gliders use before they jump!

Return to Agios Gordios the way you came up - and it's ALL downhill!! The walk should last around 4h and the road is a little bit tricky. People that walk the place recommend Zikos bar in Kato Garouna!!