Enjoy warm summer evenings, under our stunning grapevine and sample our delicious traditional grilled and home-cooked Greek dishes.

Sebastian’s Taverna is blessed with all the natural beauty of Agios Gordios plus a unique atmosphere created the modern rustic charm of our contemporary bar and restaurant. Originally built in the 1970’s, we have added the necessary modern touches to ensure that our customer’s experience a traditional Greek atmosphere together with high quality food and service. So with a little help from my family and staff we have made:

• A varied and unique menu created using some of our organically grown produce
• Our own recipes available online so you can be creative at home
• Delicious home-made wine that you can enjoy and help make!
• Olives and olive oil from our own local olive groves

The combination of all these elements and of course our great staff that make you feel at home and part of our family, we welcome you to join us for a delicious meal in our traditional Greek Taverna – Sebastian’s.

Our Menu

Our passion about Greek food can be tasted in our all of our traditional Greek dishes, ranging from the succulent lamb in lemon (Arni Lemonato), Pastitisada from Corfu through to Giant beans (Gigantes) and Briam (mixed roasted vegetables) suitable for our vegetarian and Vegan guests.

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Our Recipes

Taste Sebastian’s Authentic Greek Cuisine.

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